I created this blog as a way to express my fetish: pygophilia (sexual arousal or excitement caused by seeing, playing with or touching the buttocks).

In particular, I wish to convey my appreciation for the female fundament, and by doing so pay tribute to Aphrodite Kallipygos (Ἀφροδίτη Καλλίπυγος). I do so by sharing photos of those women fortunate enough to be made in her likeness. Such visual delights will no doubt pique your interest if you are a connoisseur of "les fesses de femmes".

I came across these pictures (*wink*) much as you are doing now, by browsing the internet. If you would like a picture of or by you either credited or removed, please contact me. If you wish to share pictures of your own, please do so via the "submit" link. I welcome your questions and comments! Send them to me via the "ask" link. Finally, be forewarned that this blog is NSFW.
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Open invitation. ♥

Open invitation. ♥

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One of my favorite toppings. ♥ View Larger

One of my favorite toppings. ♥

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This is why I like to call it the “fleshy drawstring”. ♥

This is why I like to call it the “fleshy drawstring”. ♥

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Penny Pax, her pigtails drives me crazy

More gifs at:

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Kimmy Olsen getting butt fucked like a big booty white girl should be

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